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Photographers? Terrorists the lot of ’em!

Just noticed another report about journalists in Britain who were stopped and searched by police.
When conducting a vox pops in a town center in England’s northeast, a photographer and a reporter from the Evening Gazette were asked by police to explain themselves and cited the Terrorism Act as the reason for the stop and search before demanding to see their IDs.
Interesting response by the The British Journal of Photography, which is running a ‘Not A Crime’ campaign in reaction to a number of similar stories about both amateur and press photographers being questioned by police under the new Counter Terrorism Act. Over the next year the campaign aims to get together thousands of self-portraits of photographers from around the world holding up a white card with ‘Not a crime’ or ‘I am not a terrorist’ written on them. Click here if you wish to take part.
Fingers crossed that the Japanese government, or for that matter governments from other countries that have yet to introduce such arcane laws, will not follow suit.

Panic Policing

This is not a new photo but I thought it made for an amusing contrast to the story AP ran this week about police crackdown on photographer rights in the UK. Wander how long it will take for J-COPS to fall in line. Overall police here seem to be reasonably media-friendly and to my knowledge there is no law prohibiting the photography of on-duty officers (if anyone has any info on this, please let me know). Having said that, I have twice been hassled by police here while shooting, once for simply taking a shot of a company logo. A local had seen me to take the photo and reported me! I was interrogated for about 40 mins. Bit 1984-ish. My (official, government-issued) foreign press card didn’t make much difference. It was a pretty harrowing experience.

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