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Fukushima Restaurant in Tokyo


A slideshow of photos taken at 47 Dining, a restaurant in Tokyo specializing in produce/cuisine from Fukushima. The photos were taken during an assignment for the Guardian newspaper and correspondent Justin McCurry’s excellent story about the place appeared in the newspaper on Nov. 17.

The online version can be found here

Of course it was mandatory to sample some of the fare on offer, which was excellent, especially the “ji-zake” including from the excellent but little-known Aizu Sake Brewery in Tajima

More photos can be found on my Photoshelter website here

It’s interesting that while people in Tokyo are slowly warming to the idea of purchasing and consuming produce from Fukushima, friends of mine in Fukushima and in most of the Tohoku region affected by last year’s disasters┬áremain skeptical of foodstuffs that originate there.

That being said, my local supermarket often sticks produce from Fukushima but if the same item is available from another part of the country there is little doubt as to which is more popular with customers. One Fukushima grape grower I interviewed for a story said that despite there being no evidence of contamination in his part of central Fukushima he has his produce scanned both by the government and through an independent company in Saitama, which neighbors Tokyo to the north. The scans reveal nothing of concern, but his sales are down 30% compared with before the disasters. Other farmers have resorted to other means to try and regain consumer confidence, but admit it is going to be a long time before their produce is fully accepted on a wider level. If ever.

Porn star granddad

Porn star Shigeo Tokuda, 77, poses for a photo in in an entertainment district of central Tokyo, Japan. Photograph: Robert Gilhooly

Story in today’s Guardian by Tokyo correspondent Justin McCurry about a 77-year-old porn star. Excellent story by Justin McCurry in the Guardian story here

Tsunami survivors 6 months on

In yesterday’s Guardian they ran the 6-month follow-up to the interviews and photos of the 7 survivors that Justin McCurry interviewed back in April. The interactive can be found here while a feature focusing on two of the survivors can be found here. More really excellent work from Justin.

Some of the original photos of these survivors can be seen in the slideshow below

Survivors tales

Above slideshow shows some of the survivors of the quake and tsunamis in the Tohoku region of Japan. The Guardian’s Justin McCurry put together a collection of short stories of some of these survivors which was used by the paper as a two-page spread in the G2 section.

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