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Sucide Forest (revisited)

Article in the Japan Times, Sunday June 26


Japan Times ran my feature story and photos about Aokigahara Julai “suicide forest on the Sunday Time Out pages last Sunday.

I have since received emails from from several media sources in Europe asking …………..

……. for free information.

Most don’t even have the courtesy to ask politely — “can you tell me contact numbers for …?” reads one.

I started to reply to one of them, but I can’t think what I would say.


Photojournalism Exhibition

A visitor looks at photos from the DAYS Japan annual photojournalism awards winners' exhibition in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The exhibition runs until May 18th 2011, before moving onto various other venues in Japan.  Robert Gilhooly Photo



Shameless plug, I know, but this doesn’t happen every day. A few of my photos are on display at the Konica-Minolta Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Please drop by if you are in the area … admission is free.

Some of the photographers on display are Days Photojournalism Awards first prize winner Jan Dago and Adam Dean, among other award-winning snappers. I was awarded with a prize by special jury for my suicide forest photos, three of which are on display in the gallery sandwiched between those depicting the Pakistan floods by Andrees Latif and others about maternal mortality in Sierra Leone by Jean Chung. I really don’t mind rubbing shoulders with those two.

A gallery of the suicide forest photos can be found here. Some people might find a few of these shots a little disturbing.

Access directions to Konica-Minolta gallery here

Info on exhibition here (Japanese only)

Review on CNN here




Japan Suicide

This is a selection of photos from an ongoing project about suicide in Japan. Here are images from the suicide forest in Yamanashi Prefecture, which I have visited about 20 times. There are more images on my online archive here

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